Garage Door Automation

Magic Lift Garage Door Automation

Garage door automation with magic lift motor

Digidoor III Automation Garage Door System

Digidoor III Garage Door Automation System

Technical Features

  • 24 Vdc Motor with integrated gearbox
  • Mains/Battery: 230Vac with 24V battery   backup.
  • Microprocessor- based controller
  • Feature Selection: features are   link- selected.
  • SuperHet digiEkey receiver on-board   with KeeLoq security
  • Adjustable obstacle sensing
  • Status Indicator
  • Audible alert
  • Adjustable open-position stop
  • Wall console with Open/Close, light   control and lock switch
  • Supports most types of safety beams
  • ‘Endless Loop’ chain-drive system
  • Courtesy security light, 60-watt
  • Auto-close mode
  • Self-setting limits
  • Optional battery back-up

Digi door One

Digi ONE Garage Door Motor

Technical Features

  • 24 volt AC/DC garage door motor with (Optional battery back-up).
  • Ideal for sectional and tip-up garage doors.
  • Rolling code keylock technology.
  • Audible alert and status indicator.
  • 2 x remote.
  • Courtesy light.
  • One year guarantee.
  • Trade in your existing motor on one of our new battery back-up motors at a discounted price.

DC Blue Advanced

Tip-up and Sectional Garage Door Motor
DC Blue Advanced Garage Motor

Technical Features

  • Battery Back-up (Battery Included)
  • LED programming and fault display
  • LED courtesy light
  • Powerful motor
  • Safety beam input
  • Adjustable electronic limits and force control
  • Selectable automatic closing
  • On-board dual channel rolling code radio receiver (©G&C Electronics CC T/A E.T. Systems 2010)
  • 2 x 4 button dual technology remotes
  • Audible diagnostics
  • Electronic lock-out
  • Optional external status, light and lock control

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